“How can we give and accept care with strong-back, soft-front compassion, moving past fear into a place of genuine tenderness? I believe it comes about when we can be truly transparent, seeing the world clearly and letting the world see into us.”  - Roshi Joan Halifax


Yoga is an intimate study of the infinite reality of all that is. A path that takes one on a journey of deep exploration and discovery into the true self, and ultimately answers the question “Who am I?”

As a practise for living consciously, yoga combines the elements of movement, breath and meditation to still the body, quieten the mind and cultivate inner peace. The word Yoga means to unite. Uniting the experience of the inner world with that of the external environment.

Our experience of the world depends entirely on the state of our nervous system. Yoga is a way of balancing and harmonising the body, mind and emotions. The techniques of yoga purify the nervous system so that it can access a deeper level of understanding, a feeling of presence that reflects a higher degree of consciousness and innate wisdom. With greater perception we gain the potential to grow into a new way of being that can become an increasingly positive force in the world.

Nina’s Teachings

Yoga works through the principle of the integration between head, heart and hands. We use physical postures - Asana, breathing practises - Pranayama, meditation practises - Dharana, guided restoration practise - Yoga Nidra, setting intention - Sankalpa, healing sound vibrations - Mantra, psychic symbols to channel energy - Mudras, psychic locks to hold currents of energy - Bandhas, cleansing techniques to purify energy - Shatkarmas, selfless service - Karma Yoga, honouring ancient traditions, devotional aspect - Bhakti, personal inquiry and self study - Sadhana, higher spiritual teachings - Satsang.

All of these practises work together in order to bring the myriad different bodily functions into better coordination so that they work for the good of the whole body and mind. Thus creating a powerful platform for deep inner inquiry, healing, growth, creativity and expansion.

I teach a slow, strong and nurturing flow, with a focus on creating and building a stable foundation and form that allows space for fluid movement between body and mind. My classes complete with restorative shavasana, guided yoga nidra, mantra and meditation.

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‘When fears are grounded dreams can take flight’-  Linda Pointdexter

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice, a technique that leads you on an informed journey of yourself, by following a specific pathway around the map of the physical, mental and emotional body.

The sequence allows the senses to withdraw from excess stimulation that occurs in the body and mind both internally and externally. The practise assists in the release of long held tensions and facilitates the unwinding, unplugging and rewiring of the entire being on all planes of existence.

Often referred to as yogic sleep, the particular sleep state accessed through Yoga Nidra is of another quality altogether, it helps to fully restore and reset the natural internal cranial pulse and rhythm. Incredibly beneficial for those working with sleep disorders, anxiety or any other stress related issues.

Yoga Nidra helps to ground the energy, it brings you back to centre, into a place of trust and deep inner knowing, where the questions you are asking can be answered. Through the power of intention - Sankalpa the desires become clear, the attention becomes more focused, from there the vision can be redirected.

If we wish to create a more peaceful world, first we need to harmonise our own body and mind.