Yantra and mandala 

A Yantra is a map of consciousness used to explore, experience and understand higher states of being. By focusing attention on a Yantra deep underlying emotions are purified, creating a state of mind where connection to the source of all truth is felt.

Made up of geometric patterns and symbols Yantra’s represent the movement of energy in consciousness.

Every aspect of a Yantra is symbolic. The square that frames the shape represents the material plane, the entire world of creation, and the four directions - north, south, east and west. It also represents the world of existence, the world of the senses and all the sense objects. Both inverted and upright pointing triangles represent the journey of life, inverted towards manifestation and upward towards freedom. Known as the interplay between Shakti and Shiva, the divine feminine and masculine aspects of nature inherent in everything. The circle represents the wheel of life.

A Mandala is a more pictorial form of Yantra though both Yantra’s and Mandala’s influence the mind in the same way. A Mandala represents the idea of completeness, it contains the whole of life, all the different ways and states of being: positive - sattwic, negative - tamasic, and neutral - rajasic.

It is the form without the form. At first structure is necessary to build a stable foundation. When energy is grounded, attention becomes more focused, until at some point there is a need to break free from the form and structure to explore the space that surrounds it. This is what facilitates the opening into greater expansion.

Yantra paintings are a feature at Reva Yoga, our East London home-studio. Each Yantra is individually hand-painted on request. If you’d like to have a particular Yantra or Mandala commissioned please get in touch.

*Prices available on request